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Long Exposure Workflow

Making the Perfect Long Exposure Shot
In this course I cover all the camera basics, techniques, advanced tricks and retouching for long exposure photography.

I will show you how and why I use long exposure. I teach you about the gear you need and how to use it. I bring you along to 4 of my shoots and show you how I took the shot and give you the raw files to retouch along with me.

Then we retouch another bonus batch of 4 photos where I teach you all about the retouching process, composition, how I got the shot and how to set up your camera to get these types of shots and effects.

Details & Requirements

Length: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

Experience Level: Intermediate

Tags: In-Depth Workflow

Required Software: Lightroom & Photoshop

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Notre Dame Long Exposure

Notre Dame Black and White Long Exposure

Back of Notre Dame Long Exposure

Notre Dame & Ile Saint Louis Black and White Long Exposure

Quai de Seine Long Exposure

Sky Scraper Long Exposure

Pier Long Exposure

Clearwater Beach Long Exposure

Pont Neuf Black and White Long Exposure

Pont Neuf Long Exposure


8m 20s

Lesson 1: Live shoot 1 Notre Dame front

In this video Im going to explain you the basic use of filters

3m 55s

Lesson 2: Live shoot 2 Notre Dame back

More informations on the use of filters and how to use multiple exposures to mix long exposure and regular shots

1m 54s

Lesson 3: Live shoot 3 Notre Dame back large

Let's do a wider shot of Notre Dame

5m 40s

Lesson 4: Live shoot 4 Saint Louis Island

One more example of long exposure with the famous Saint Louis Island

13m 43s

Lesson 5: Retouch Notre Dame Front

Let's do a color and a black and white version of the front of Notre Dame

16m 15s

Lesson 6: Retouch Notre Dame Back

We are going to use digital blending to mix the long exposure and the regular exposure

7m 32s

Lesson 7: Retouch Notre Dame back large

Let's make a real dramatic bacl and white photo of the back of Notre Dame

9m 9s

Lesson 8: Retouch Notre Dame Saint Louis Island

We had more emphasis on the clouds direction in this retouch

6m 28s

Lesson 9: Retouch La Defense

A retouch from A to Z of a photo of La Defense, the Paris Manathan

12m 29s

Lesson 10: Retouch Clearwater Beach

A retouch from A to Z of a photo of Clearwater beach, one of the top florida beach

4m 40s

Lesson 11: Retouch car lights

A retouch from A to Z of a photo of Clearwater beach, this time from high an playing around with the night life

12m 22s

Lesson 12: Retouch Pont Neuf

A retouch from A to Z of a photo of the Pont Neuf and we play around with the composition

Source Files

Contains 10 of my high-resolution RAW long-exposure photos to follow along and do these projects

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